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“A moment lasts for all but one second, but a memory lives on forever”.

While great wedding photographers will help you capture timeless memories of the heart, professional bridal hair and makeup will ensure that you dazzle the lens moment after moment on the day.
Below you can browse through some images of brides, real brides, with hair and makeup done by me. Each one of these ladies is unique in every way, their bridal hair and makeup merely accentuating what was there all along – feminine beauty.
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“I think that the most important thing a woman can have – next to talent,
of course – is her hairdresser.” ― Joan Crawford

Although I may sound bias, I have to agree with Joan Crawford on this one. On your wedding day, you want to be sure that your hair looks amazing and stays that way all through the show!
As a trained hairdresser with almost two decades of experience behind me, I bring my vast knowledge of cutting, styling and colouring with me on the day. I work meticulously to make sure that no strand is left dangling or pin out of place.

Below you can see some of my favourite wedding upstyles and hairstyles on past clients.
Don’t they just look magnificent?


“A moment lasts for all but one second, but a memory lives on forever”.

“Transformation literally means going beyond your form.” Wayne Dyer

While Wayne may be talking a little on the extreme side of things, the transformation is going to be a major part of your wedding day experience. With every step you take down the aisles you step towards a new adventure.

But, before you get there, you are going to spend quite a bit of time in front of the mirror.

Bridal hair and makeup take some time and patience, and some real resistance to downing too many glasses of bubbles before the show. In the end all the trouble pays off. When your transformation from betrothed to the bride is complete you will not look back for one second.

Here are some cheeky before and after photos of past clients to illustrate the transformative power of professional bridal hair and makeup.


“If you’re not doing some things that are crazy, then you’re doing the wrong things”. Larry Page

Every now and then you have to step out of your everyday routine and get a little creative. I have great fun exploring spaces beyond my creative boundaries in styled bridal and lifestyle photo shoots. You can truly do amazing things with hair and makeup when you take off your professional hat and get into the artist’s skin. Although this may not be conventional bridal hair and makeup, you may be interested in some alternative looks and styles that could turn just another wedding into a feast for the eyes.